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Seminyak, Bali Nightlife Center

In addition to the Kuta and Legian, Seminyak area also experienced a very rapid development of tourism.

Same with the second place, Seminyak is also offering various facilities and tourist attraction a complete start of the shopping, restaurants, hotels or inns, beaches and other attraction. But there is another side that was developed here, the nightlife center.

In recent years, various centers of nightlife or entertainment evening for being here to provide entertainment to tourists in Bali. There are names like Kudos Bar and Lounge, Blue Night Club and many others. No wonder, if the late night, this region is increasingly crowded by visitors.

In addition to clubbing, Seminyak is also offering several attractions such as Seminyak beach a more “private ” than the Kuta beach, with views of the sunset is no less captivating. Other attractions are the super Bungy Jumping challenge! Dare to try?

For those of you who like clubbing or adventure, sure to visit the Seminyak is a must for you. Welcome to Seminyak, Bali”s nightlife center!

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