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Padang-Padang Beach

Padang-padang Beach is one of the best beaches in Bali, in addition to dreamland, Kuta, Nusa Dua or any other beach in Bali. Padang-padang Beach is located at Labuhan Sait, Pecatu village, not far from the famous Uluwatu Temple will sacredness of her, the sunset, a mischievous monkey and Kecak fire dance. Reaching the beach is so is easy, just follow the direction towards Uluwatu continue to take an existing road right road signpost Labuhan SAIT (easy really, nyarinya) until you find the bridge, well before the bridge was no sign, parking lot to the beach of Padang-view. From the main road, heading to the beach is rather unique, because it must pass through an overdraft, the model is like stepping into a cave with a few dozen steps down to the beach. After passing through the cave before, white sandy beach spread out in front of you, clear blue water and flat, perfect for swimming and also like to surf if the waves rather ketengah can find the sea, the solution can swim and canoe rental also ketengah sea. Other tips Do not forget to bring sun glases most ITEMS for ‘bay watch’, gud lak, would be very useful there.

Coastal plains, beaches are not square and along the beach at Kuta or in dreamland so if fits in the afternoon and by chance “Peak Season” quite a bit full, but do not worry that it is important to enjoy the beauty of experience during the afternoon on this beach, and also on this beach quite easy to find snacks, makanana or other beverages, because of food stalls scattered disni, and the price is quite “reasonable” so if you vacation in Bali you can enter the Padang-padang Beach “on the list” beach “must” that visited during the Holidays in Bali.

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